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Words you NEVER want to see in an email.

Dear Website Administrator,

We are contacting you to report that your website .com has been compromised and fraudulent content targeting our client ABC Bank has been placed on your website.

A criminal has placed this fake login page for the purpose of credit card fraud and identity theft.  Please remove all files related to this attack and take action to secure your website.

A sad fact is most site owners and their developers focus on design and SEO/SEM but completely ignore security. We are seeing more sites hacked than ever before. IT IS A MUST for YOUR BUSINESS to secure your site today and keep hackers from invading the site and stealing vital information and personal details or turning your site into AN ATTACK SITE, using phishing code to defraud institutions like banks and their customers.

When building a WordPress powered site, a lot of time must be spent to make sure that it will work properly. It must be able to accommodate the dozens or hundreds of posts and different pages. You should expect that many loyal readers will create lots of traffic to the site.

BUT, The day you are hacked, you will be shocked to find that YOUR SITE now contains stuff beyond comprehension, or the site is down without any reason. It is a clear indication that the site has been hacked.




If every post and page contains hacker code that is malicious in nature and the site is either down, or Google has reported it as an “ATTACK SITE”, then the dilemma has just begun.

  • You need answers immediately.
  • What are the things that must be done?
  • How many readers will stop visiting the site?
  • What will happen to the flow of traffic?
  • How is it going to affect sales?
  • What will happen to the owner's reputation?
  • Can the site still be fixed?
  • Where to start rebuilding in order to get back on track immediately?

Our company dedicates itself in providing secure WordPress Installation services and Malware Security to hinder the unscrupulous and lowly hackers from doing harm to a website whether or not that website has been targeted or the owner simply decided to give his or her site a protection or shield against these evil individuals.

Hacking is a growing threat, and any website owner must be aware of the dangers once a hacker has locked on the target, and no one can say which website is the next target. In fact, hundreds of thousands of websites are hacked every single day. It is too risky to fall victim to these hackers, and it could mean the end of the your online business.

AVOID  Warning: Something's Not Right Here!

This website contains malware. Your computer might catch a virus if you visit this site.

Google has found malicious software may be installed onto your computer if you proceed. If you've visited this site in the past or you trust this site, it's possible that it has just recently been compromised by a hacker. You should not proceed, and perhaps try again tomorrow or go somewhere else.


Our company offers solutions to repair hacked WordPress websites and install malware security to prevent future attacks from hackers. Our company also provides comprehensive, safe and sound WordPress installation to make certain that the new website is secure.

The WordPress Security Choices Offered by Our Company Include:


WordPress Upgrade Service

Keeping up to date with WordPress can also mean making those troublesome malware security holes fixed. Our company can help hinder security violations and hackers from reaching the administration portion of your website by ensuring that WordPress together with its plugins are properly upgraded. We will upgrade the WordPress version and the plugins in this highly recommended package.

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Highly recommended package

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Plus optional $149/mo. for support: SEO/SEM, backups and updates


Pro Template

WordPress Virus Removal

If your website is infecting a visitor's computer with viruses each time they visit, your website may have been attacked by a malevolent hacker. When your website has been vandalized, taken down by a hacker or is near to getting blacklisted by Google, don't panic even if it seems it can't be fixed.

Our company can help you get rid of the malicious code and vicious files left behind by hackers and bring the website back to normal. After the site is restored, we will send a detailed report to let you know the things we've done with your site’s security.

We know that it is of utmost importance to get your website fixed, and we are willing to do it for you as soon as possible. We want your website to be functional again for your business so more revenue comes pouring in once more.

Contact us today for this emergency Wordpress virus removal service.

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WordPress Security Audit

If you want to make sure that your WordPress website is safe and protected from vicious hackers, or regularly updated to mend holes in security, then it is wise to get our Wordpress security audit services.

We will execute a thorough examination of the configuration of your server, WordPress files, database, themes, and plugins. We will provide a detailed report about your site and give recommendations on how to make it secure or more secure.

If you have any security concerns about your Wordpress powered website, call us today and put your mind at ease.

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WordPress Security for Existing Websites

Our company can give solutions to predicaments like WordPress blog being vulnerable to hackers, or making the site safer from malicious assaults.

Our complete solution is to update WordPress, change server permission, install security plugins, secure the server databases, and WordPress files.

We will perform an in-depth security assessment of the server, WordPress files, plugins, database, and themes. We will also add our own security essentials tools to  significantly diminish the risk brought by the attacks from hackers. We will send a detailed report of all the improvements upon completion.

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Basic WordPress Security and Installation

To make sure that you are securely installing a brand new WordPress site that is practically hacker proof, trust our Wordpress security experts to get the installation done right the first time.

Our services for WordPress installation are comprehensive, and consist of the latest new WordPress installation complete with all of the necessary security tools onto the server, database, and files to reduce the risk of compromising the website. We will send a detailed report of all the protections that we have installed.

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Premium WordPress Security and Installation

Professional bloggers, internet marketers, or entrepreneurs who want to have a new and secure WordPress installation with additional whistles and bells may contact our company for this premium Wordpress security installation service.

We can install your new WordPress blog with all the necessary security essentials added to the server, database, and files UP FRONT. We will also add  up to 10 blogger plugins to help in traffic building and automating the site. We will give a detailed report of all the things included in the installation.

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Monthly WordPress Security and Maintenance

Do you want to keep your WordPress site safe from hacker attacks but do not know how?  Don’t worry,  you can rely on our Wordpress security experts to provide you with the services that you want.

Our company can do monthly audits on security of the server, WordPress files, database, plugins, and themes. We can add needed security tweaks, provide a maximum of 10 plugins, and update the WordPress versions. We provide monthly reports to keep you updated.

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per month (Recurring fee)

WordPress Hosting Transfer

Do you need to transfer your WordPress powered website to a different hosting company?

We can move the entire WordPress site, its database, and email accounts with the utmost security to a new or different hosting account with little or no down time.

Contact us today and get your site moved in as little as 2 business days.

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